Sunday, February 16, 2014

A busy week, had a meeting with a temping agency and it seemed to go well and I have a meeting with a national diabetes charity tomorrow. Goes well and I start immediately for a 4-6 week temping gig. Money is the same as what I would have got at the last job so I don't lose out any and it will keep me running while I look for something else. I must remain focused on that so it doesn't creep up on me and I find myself with nothing to go to.
I rode this week and have been absolutely soaked each time. Good session with my trainer today which made me happy. I did a gym induction too! I went on Thursday but haven't been since. The plan is to try and go on the days I don't go play horses.
Welshy is away for a month now anyway so I need to keep myself busy!
Speaking of keeping busy I start driving lessons again this week! Thursday! And I booked myself into a theory test on the 26th.
I'm going to smash it this time.
We did some tidying and got drunk on Friday night. Daring each other to try a bottle of gin that expired in 1992.
Yesterday we went for a meal at Burger or Steak, the meal was ok, the setting was ok but the waiting staff were rubbish.
Very tired now and I need to do some revision for this so I am prepared for tomorrow.

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