Saturday, January 18, 2014

So let's list everything that's happened over the last week. Starting with family.
My uncle D has threatened to get mum removed as main carer and protector of finances for Nan. He does not think she did the best to care for either her or granddad.
He wants charge of her finances. My uncle J agrees. I dont know what uncle I wants.  Not sure after last Friday he will want owt to do with her ever again. Uncle M is sick of in-fighting and is keeping out and christ only knows what aunt G makes of all this.
So. Mother has run away to Grotty. I don't know when the funeral is and am probably not invited. She is convinced she will have to go to court.
Now work. Well I may not be in my job much longer and I hope its a over reaction but the meeting yesterday did not fill me with confidence.  I am not hitting my call time targets.  I have reached and exceeded all the others.  They are getting a girl to move teams. I fear replacement.  I fear unemployment.  Have started to make steps to look for another job just in case....

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