Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What a crazy 24 hours!

Welshy's nearly been sacked... Then reinstated.... Over nothing!

I guess the main thing is that it was some kinda culture clash. Its a small conservative town of 6,000 people. I remember Wendy telling me once that in Wanganui she found it hard to go out and have drinks as the people in the town judged her as a teacher.
Anyway, Welshy went for a pint last night to watch the Barca game and being poor, it was literally the one pint. Which got him judged as an alkie.
He then went to town the next day and returned to find that his long hair and lack of shaving had got the neighbours worried that he was a thief and the landlady wanted him gone.
So they were prepared to buy him a flight ticket home that night! Ridiculous!
I spoke to M on the phone, I called him weak for allowing himself to be overruled by someone who wasn't even a teacher at the school. Especially when we had had all those interviews and they seemed very happy with us.
He agreed to reconsider. Welshy shaved, got a haircut and has brought some real trousers.
Now i'm worried that they'll expect me to wear a skirt or something. I don't own anything but jeans! 
Welshy had dinner with them all and the landlady tonight and it seems to have gone well. He even tried TUNA PIE!!! I think the landlady regretted her impulsiveness.

So yeah... Crisis adverted. It was all just some culture clash and them being a bit spanish and dramatic (I hope!!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Passport sorted. Flight booked (11th Sept) Welshy is out there now. Flew out early this morning. Last day at work next Thursday. Got a letter that I need to post to the Police to prove that I havent murdered anyone.
Also blogger has stopped letting me publish post. Not sure what thats all about.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So passport gained after a hellish Friday in Victoria.
Flights booked (11th) am getting to go to the Charlton/Exeter game after all! Yay!
Welshy left early this morning and arrived safely, He describes the town as slightly tatty but our flat is nicer than in the pictures.
He says its impossible to get lost and had a stroll along the river. 
I got my first leaving card from Christine today! So sad! I dunno, it still feels kinda like I'm going on holiday rather than leaving for good.
What still to do? I need a letter of recommendation from HR and a mini Criminal Records check sorted from the police, letter is ready to go but I really need a stamp!

Friday, August 26, 2011

why has blogger deserted me?

Friday, August 19, 2011

So handed my notice in yesterday. Final day is the 8th of September. Hopefully gonna fly out on the 10th.
Today we went out on a fair few little errands but there still seems to be masses to do!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Handed my Notice in at work today.

Fuck Yeah!

Been making a list of all that I'll need to get sorted by the 10th... Am already wondering if I can postpone it to the 11th of September so I can get to the Charlton/Exeter game.

What made me decide to go? A cold, wet, rainy day on the ROG 3 Arches. I dont wanna spend another winter that lasts 7 million months with cold feet and bulky uncomfortable coats and arguing with foreign language groups

Hopefully on Monday work will get in touch and let me know my final date so I can plan amazing leaving drinks and book my flight.

Spain here I come!!!
Handed my notice in today!
Set up a livejournal to follow my tales for the people that I dont want to follow me on this because I dont what them to know about this.
Made a list of things that need to get done asap!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Been offered a job in Spain... Gonna go... Mother VERY pissed. Am scared about going... scared about not being able to afford my msc... scared about how she's gonna cope... scared about if I can go back to the museum after...

Fuck I can't even speak spanish....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Its looking more and more likely that Welshy is going to be offered a job in Spain... There would be work for me too should I go.
Do I go though?
I need to be able to pay for this course for three years, I could potentially take up to 6 months unpaid leave from the museum and then go back at the end of it. So if thats agreeable with this language school I can work there for 6 months, then come home if it works out too expensive for my course.
Welshy thinks it'll be ok. He'll earn 1200 euro... and rent is 400 pcm. I need to then just cover enough to pay for my course and what?.... sponge off of him? I dont know. He owes me enough to make it worthwhile.
I'd miss riding, I dont want to lose my spot at new stables. I'm learning so much and dont wanna go back on a years waiting list there. I'd miss football.

And there's Mother... She doesn't want me to go. She says I/we'd struggle too much for money out there.
She says she cant cope without my rent money. That she'd need to take out a second job... That she'd need to rent out my room. She says its unfair of me to go and leave her with my brother, with my nan and granddad.
I havent even had my interview for this place and I already feel guilty for even considering the idea. For wanting to leave her in the lurch. I'd be such a bad person to do that. However Welshy points out that he left his mother in the exact same position to come here for me and that I am now 28(gulp) not 18. That I can't spend the rest of my life in a job I hate and living at home to help support her until she dies.
I want to go. It'd be a huge adventure. As long as I could be sure I can afford my course and have my job to fall back on after 6 months if it doesnt work out. But how can I turn my back on someone who would struggle to live without my wages? That would make me a shitty awful person.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Looks like the riot adventure is all over now. Been very quiet the last couple of nights apart from all the helicopters flying overhead.... Back to normality!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A friend of Welshy's slightly dramatic account of his adventures last night.
So last night, most of Woolwich got torched. Brat went and drove round Granddad's street last night about 11pm and that was ok then.
And it spread outside of London. Crazy shit is going down people.
work has been evacuated... People are jumping everytime they hear sirens... Rubber bullets are rumoured to be deployed..
Tonight its supposed to be kicking off in Welling, Bexley and Plumstead.
Its all just a matter of waiting for nightfall and seeing what happens next....

Monday, August 08, 2011

Honestly what the hells going out outside? Luckily I'm South East London so avoided the previous two days of madness but now its all spread to Lewisham and there's crazy stories going on on facebook from things going on in Woolwich, Eltham and Grove Park.
Welshy was trapped in a put on Roman Road after there was rumours of shits firing shots and is now being offered clearly looted trainers from some cunt out there.
My cousin is out there working in the police and hopefully he'll be ok, as will everyone else.
Luckily Blackheath and Greenwich is ok, although being trapped in the middle of Lewisham and Woolwich all I can hear is helicopters and sirens rushing up and down the roads behind me.
People are cunts. I dont know if my poor Granddad in Woolwich is ok, and if my stables are fine.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I'm going to Vegas in November.. I'm looking up the usual things for fun, horse-riding, the possibility of a Helecopter tour of the Grand Canyon.
When I saw this. Las Vegas Stripper University. All those times (well twice) that I've been to see strippers and longed to learn how to pole dance. And now I can! And will! And possibly most exciting of all, I'm gonna get me a "diploma" in exotic dancing. FUCK YEAH. Blatantly one for the CV there!!!