Monday, April 30, 2007

somehow all my links have gone. Sigh. That'll be a bitch to repair.
MY job interview went ok, I think. I got nervous and babbled on a bit, but we'll see how it goes.
Oh! and there was a classic Stupid Charbs moment on the bus going to the interview.
I was in a world on my own, before noticing that I was getting some strange looks from those getting on and the man sitting next to me, seemed to be providing my chest with a great deal of attention.
I'm only little and have little boobs, so I dont often get people staring at them, least of all when I'm in a suit and all covered up like a good girly.
At least... Thats what I thought and then I happened to glace down and realised that my shirt had popped open.
And everyone was getting a good eyeful.
Still. I made up for the cunt not having the politeness to tell me, by giving him a short sharp "accidental" kick in the ankles as I went to get off.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Operation Ewood started, for me at least at 6am when my alarm first went off... I refused to leave my nice, warm cosy bed for another 20 minutes though!
By 7.45 my Uncle I, Granddad and cousin K were installed on the coach and by 8am we were well on the way!
After two short pit stops, where the travelling coaches took over the service stations we finally arrived in Blackburn at 2.30!
77 travelling coaches! Well 77 was the highest number I saw, got a police escort to the ground!

As we got off the coach the MOTD cameras appeared and collared my cousin for an interview, which didnt get shown and we entered the stand and prepared for a long climb to the upper tier!...

the game itself I dont wanna talk about... Pards is still hopeful though! Mathmatically we've still gotta chance of avoiding relegation. I'm starting to look realisitically at it though and at least away games to Derby or Sheff Wednesday would be interesting!
4-1 though and ending the game with 9 men... It made the long journey back home seem twice as long, although my way was livened up by the mooning west ham fans and the lads at the back of my coach chanting "We got free season tickets, we got free season tickets"

So I returned home, depressed about the football, trying to see the optimistic side of relegation and very tired at 11.
Job interview tomorrow! whooo!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Operation Ewood can fuck right off.
So can the premiership.
Championships more fun anyway.
4- fucking -1

Still at least it looks like Leeds are going down, eh flash *giggles*

I'll tell you about the day itself and pics tomorrow, when perhaps I dont feel so depressed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

So Tuesday night STF fulfilled a long term promise in taking me to Gay Meadow, home of his beloved Shrewsbury Town.
I dont think he'll be taking me again in a hurry as they lost 1-0 to their hated rivals Wrexham. and a violent plague on the tall 6 foot person who chose to not stand behind me, or even to my side but in front of my tiny 5'2" frame and I spent most of the match gazing over his shoulder or admiring the back of his head.
You can say what you like about bringing back Terracing but its a bitch for us short-arses!
Driving up there was loads of fun too, STF enjoys his cheese and we sped to the ground with MH and A in tow, singing along to some of the best cheese, like the Bob the Builder theme and "My Dingaling" which always provides me with endless giggles.
And I earned several admiring glances (at least I'm sure thats what they were) from A when I sang along - well slightly ahead - to Ernie!
but yeah! It was great fun, loads like the old days and I was gutted as I always am to come home the next day.
And on Saturday I shall be preparing for my marathon coach trip to the must win destination of Blackburn, I'm expecting it to take at least 4 hours if not loads longer, at least it'll seem longer if we lose!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The end of the season is drawing nearer.... we're still dangerously close to being relegated.
However in the spirit of blind optimism and faith, I'm joining Operation Ewood and getting the coach all the way Oop North on Saturday week.
Fuck how we could have done with all three points yesterday, it was as disappointing as if we had lost, which is why only today I have managed to bring myself to think about it.
Our run in now is pretty tough... Blackburn, Spuds (any chance of letting us win you think Red Squirrel?) and Liverpool.
Although West Ham have it slightly harder and you never know what might happen.
As its getting to the end of the season, I'm attempting to fit as many new grounds and football matches in as possible... last week I went to see Sheff Wednesday play West Brom in their bid for that last play off spot. Tuesday I'm meeting up with STF and possibly MH and A to go to Shrewsbury to watch them play Wrexham and obviously Blackburn on Saturday next!
I'm taking up Glory Hunting, if Wednesday make it to the playoffs then I can go to Wembley, if Shrewsbury make it I can follow them, plus Welling, my local non-league side are in the playoffs to make it into the football conference!
I figure at least one of them is bound to make it to the playoff finals and I can go cheer them on!

I'm dead jealous of E who after coming back from NZ with me, is today jetting off for a week in LA, and all for the bargain price of 200 quid! Bitch! Its nice to have friends in "high" places. Hehehehehe.
But! There is also good news on the job front! I've been summoned for a job interview at the Maritime Museum, it's only a seasonal job till September, but by then I might be able to be rich enough to go on another holiday! Or have even found another decent Leaving-Home-Hurrah-Type of job!
So Yay and wish me luck!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Yeah, I know I said things might take a break but I just wanted to share this with you.
This came from the Charlton Programme today (a forgetable 0-0 draw against Reading, two points lost in our battle to avoid relegation. Grr)
I was leafing through the Programme before the game as usual and my Granddad points this out to me. (You have to click the imageshack linky)
"That's my Granddad that is!"
How cool is that? I can trace my Charlton Supporting pedigree all the way back to 1915, according to this picture date. Thats 6 generations!
No ones really sure what this pictures about or where they were going in it. An Away game perhaps?
Anyway, the reason this is in the paper is that some of these people, are known to be Charlton Directors (well the guy in the top hat anyway) and helped raise funds to have us put into the football league in 1921.
But enough of the history lesson, my Great, Great Granddad is the guy in the 2nd row just to the right and above the man with an accordian.
He has a pipe in his hand and wearing a very posh looking watch and chain thingy about his waist.
I must ask about him before I forget and he forgets himself.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I've been keeping this Blog now for three years! Can you imagine that?
I've always wanted to keep a journal or diary of some sort, but all the ones I wrote on paper got found, by parents or evil little brothers who still leaf through my drawers and look in my notebooks.
So after Dad had his first Cancer op and the life insurance paid out, they brought me a laptop to help me with my uni work and it was awesome, with just a wee password. I could write my little stories, and keep a diary and then I stumbled across the now defunct CASINO AVENUE and I was hooked and I attempted to keep one of my own, and that lasted two months, perhaps, on and off. And then I decided to start brand new and keep it going.
And I did! And I cringe a little at the early entries in here, but I'm dead proud of them and I wouldnt edit them or change them at all.
It was important at first to post everyday, and it was easy to do that, there was always something going on, something interesting, something I wanted to be able to remember.
And I came home from uni and my world fell apart again, and I came back to uni and I poured everything into here, and I re-read my posts from then and I remember exactly how terrified I was of everything, how I'd cry myself to sleep, how my Lads, bless them, tried to help in their own way, not sure getting me drunk most nights was the best way to deal with it, cos it certainly affected my studies!
And I came home and I still used this to try and organise my feelings and thoughts, I might not have mentioned it, but each post I can tell exactly at which stage of his life Dad was at and what he was able to do.
And suddenly this place lost its importance, a lot of things did, I guess that's natural and it became less and less important that I blogged about what I did each day, it didnt seem important and it was boring, how can you record each day when your life is ruled by Neighbours and Diagnosis Murder?
Somehow I fell out of practise. Not only of doing this but commenting on my BlogFriends posts, and its still not important that I get back to it.
Perhaps I should quit it altogether, but I love my blog like a proud parent, I love how its recorded how I've changed over the last three years.
So what I think I'm trying to say is that I'm not going to be updating as regularly (and its been a long time since it was everyday) as I used to be, only when something extremely dramatic happens, or unless my life changes in a way to make it more interesting to write about.