Friday, July 04, 2014

Came back in from the interview. Joke company, knew that already. long hours as in Tower Bridge, 4.5k less money. Career wise I'm better off going to Bedford.
Ended up having an argument with Mother about me driving there and back every day. Be a 4 hour commute in total.
She basically put a guilt trip on me saying how if I go then she will have to sell the house and what about Brat? How she can't afford to live.
Telling me that I take her for granted. That I blow hot and cold with her.
I dont know what to do. Moving away from everything is a huge step but its the step I've craved for 10 years since returning home. I'm scared that if I go and get sacked I'll be trapped.
The interview with the careers person scared me and I think she's right as the latest agency basically said the same thing. Second interview to discuss my dodgey work history.
I'm scared of being trapped until I retire in a job I hate. Scared I'll go there and hate it. Scared I'll give in and stay here and remain completely miserable and bullied by them both.
Could someone please give me an answer or tell me what to do for best?!

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weenie said...

I'm afraid I can't really give you advice but sounds like that while you're getting help from the careers office regarding your CV, you may also need some help to sort out your life, eg living situation. Probably things that need to be worked out with your mum as it doesn't sound like you can live the life you want to until things are sorted. As for being trapped in a job you hate - you're never trapped as you can always walk away. Sounds simple I know but there will always be options.