Monday, June 30, 2008

Aparently no one thought to explain to my Granddad that you should stop taking your medication when about to go have a major operation.
So there we go. Op Cancelled. The bastard inside him will continue to grow for another week or two until they manage to reschedule it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My granddads operation is tomorrow.
i hope it all goes well.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I went to my first ever East-end lock-in on friday! It was actually pretty fun and I can feel quietly proud that i helped the place run out of alcohol. By all accounts the place went through 3 bottles of sambuca, and completely ran out of gin and vodka.
it was 4am by the time me and Welshy ran out of money and decided sleep was our best option!
And on Sunday I made him accompany me to the Natural History Museum to see the Butterfly exhibit. which was rather exciting, we got to run around (well i did, he followed me with a slightly disapproving but resigned look on his face) a giant maze competiting with children to complete the maze and collect our stamps, ride on a small butterfly zipline and then to play with all the pretty butterflies inside the exhibit.
Then our day of culture continued with a trip to the next door Science Museum where I bored him by insisting that we MUST look and read everything in detail in the Vet science gallery and then he claimed he was squeamish and ran away while i looked through the medical history galleries.
But what was the most exciting part was our trip to the IMAX cinema to play with the 3d fishies that were there. I've never been to a 3d cinema before, and kept trying to grab all the wee jellyfish as they swam past! Dead Exciting.
Sadly since this weekend I've somehow lost my work keys again. Well misplaced them really, however work have warned me that if i lose them again I'll be getting a written warning.
Bugger. any ideas where they are?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

So after the bad news of Friday, me and Mum headed to the stables, since its been sold the lady who runs a small rescue aviary there, has been told to wind it up and find homes for them.
I dont wanna brag about my aviary, but my birds have SO much more space and things to do than hers! I guess half her problem is not being able to say no to anything, and that resulted in me doubling the birds I took home, because I simply couldnt bear to see them all in such a small, overcrowded and heated place.
So I took home, 3 female cockatiels and 3 female budges, and a pair of golden mantled rosellas! The rosellas especially are fantastically coloured, maybe tomorrow I'll try and take some pics of them and put them up. I also fell in love with this little Ducorps Cockatoo.
I also took some more pictures of my horsey friends. I took some past ones HERE. (yeah its always a sign that i'm bored, when i go and actively LOOK for past posts to link too!)

This is Chelsea, I mentioned his partner in Crime, one eyed Captain in the aforementioned post. As you can see he's a chubby little beast!

Jude (in stable) and his girlfriend Selica, Selica is a lovely thing who will fall asleep with her head on your shoulder. I'm always amazed to see Jude, he's half brother to Jimmy (again mentioned up there) and I remember them as tiny little babies and then as naughty teenager horses, getting broken (horrid term) to the rider, now they're respectable members of society!

Here's George showing off his lovely long thick mane. He's a proper lightweight gypsy cob, all snorting and hair everywhere! Ever so good looking though! I rode him oh god only once about 8 or 9 years ago, when he first arrived and I rode often and relatively compently (I wish I still had the money and time to do so again!) He was a complete handful to control and we argued constantly about exactly who was in charge!

Horses! Gotta love them!

Friday, June 13, 2008

So it is cancer, which i was pretty much resigned too. and its big and nasty apparently.
However, the docs reckon they can cure it up with a single op and a bunch of chemo, so its time to go down that route again.
and so far I've only had one uncle phone me up and demand that I/Mum quits work and cares for me nan and granddad as "we know how to look after people with cancer"
Ho hum. Its nice to know I'm surrounded by caring family members.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

i was sent on a spying mission today!
Work do this "benchmarking" scheme, its a bit like mystery shoppers i guess really, we get sent on an expenses paid trip to a local museum to find out if theres any ideas we could pinch for our museum or anything that we do better than them.
We got sent to the docklands to the Museum there, which had this really good jack the ripper exhibit on, i love goulish things like that, it also had really good exhibits about the history of the docks.
it was a pretty good day out really, loads more fun than standing in a gallery!

Monday, June 02, 2008

My Granddad may have Cancer, we wont find out until next friday (the 13th? a bad omen?)
I dont know if I can go through all this again. I seriously dont.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I've just had a pretty awesome 24 hours.
Nothing happened in it, I was pretty bored and mystified during most of it. But all through it I had the most wonderful sense of contentness and peacefulness.
For the first time in a long while I was happy doing nothing. I had no need to keep myself busy and keep on the go. I was simply happy doing nothing, and the company was great too!