Sunday, September 20, 2015

There wasn't enough money for the funeral. Everyone was to contribute 600 pounds. This caused a shit storm.
"How can there not be enough money?"
"Because Granddad's funds have not been released yet and there was a fucking 10k court case"
"I think there should be more than enough money. Perhaps the Courts would be interested to hear this, and know that L (mother) had a holiday to Las Vegas booked."


Anyway, money eventually got released from Granddad's funds. The funeral went ahead (the coffin was rather spiffing - if a waste of money) They tried to speak to me I ignored them and left as soon as was polite.

It has rained a lot, I have done some Spic practise, Welshy has been home and now back in Austria. We took puppy to a dog festival and she caused a screaming scene in all the dog show competitions for Welshy outside the ring.
She loved flyball and search and rescue and chase the lure have a go games.

We did an agility have a go, and were just a bit too late to have a go at a working gundog scurry have a go.
Went to the stables today and poor V pulled a shoe while riding.

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