Sunday, June 21, 2015

These last two weeks have been tricky money wise. However I hope tomorrow (payday) to finally pay back the housing benefit they gave me and then from next month I can move on, that extra 50 quid a month will come in handy - I do need to give the Mothership 400 though for car insurance, but i'm hoping that if I can put it off for two/three months, then i'll have a solid base to start from or to rely on when I give it to her and then struggle on.

This month will also be tight as the dog needs spaying and various bits on the car need updating before its serviced and MOT'ed. But i'm not going to think about that now. The important thing is that I do that final housing benefit payment and sort the car out and by all accounts although it will be a bit, not as much as I feared.

Work is going well, we revamped a room and hope to organise it as a hub for older people in the community. Looking into funding for a Dementia Clinic - obviously this is something close to my heart what with Nanny and Granddad being sufferers.

Trying to plan a summer Fete as well - will be a nice community thing and raise our profile a little.

I have my last probation review this week (apparently the trustees ask that all employees have a monthly review) and I hope it will go well.
I remain hopeful that at some point they will open up an assistant managers position and I can apply for that and be boosted by the improved wages. I feel groomed sometimes, my manager tells me things I'm to keep in confidence and the meetings I hold I sometimes feel are more than what a normal administrator should do - although also well aware that this isn't exactly a "normal" administrative position! If any position like that came up, I doubt it'll be this year!

V is going well and I'm going to try Combined Training again this month - it will be my one treat out of the strict budget I live in.
The puppy is getting spayed Tuesday - Christ alone knows how we will keep her from going crazy during the two weeks she is to be still.

Welshy comes home tomorrow from Russia - I was thinking about this time last year and his breakdown. He seems recovered but I am prepared now for this to happen again.

I'm meeting Flash and Shorty on Sunday - if I can work it around the competition. Will be super hard to live on my budget then but at the same time I've "known" her either through this or Facebook for 10 years so not meeting her is really out of the question!

Life plods on, I grow slowly older, I veer between utter despair of clearing my debts and hopes that I can still do it by the end of the year, but its summer and that always gives you a boost!

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