Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Granddad is still hanging in there. Peaks and troughs. Welshy was home for 24 hrs but then went to Wales for Christmas.
TMWMinW is here for Christmas which means my brother isn't. Lovely Christmas dinner listening to in-jokes about breasts and watching them fondle each other like 16 year olds.
Got some clothes and I don't mean to be ungrateful but the coat is kinda chavvy and I'm starting to feel a bit old for novelty cartoon tshirts. (when did that happen!?)
Also. The novelty cartoon tshirt is also an injoke between the two of them...... No idea even to begin expressing that in my head let alone on here.
Anyway. Work is going fine. I got paid and got commission on Christmas eve which was unexpected. I am also a little sad about how much I lost to tax and student loan and pension blah blah blah. Almost half the bonus!
Sad times.
Looking to start driving lessons when I get paid in January. Also toying with the idea of joining the gym. I have become slightly aware that spending 9 and a half hours sat still eating shit is making my clothes rather small.
We'll see on that front......... Laziness will undoubtedly strike.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Granddad has been pretty poorly. His dementia came on suddenly and strongly, unlike my Nan's who is still happily demented in the care home in Charlton.
He was taken to QM in Sidcup over the summer, where he didn't do too well. Growing angry and attacking the nurses, trying to escape repeatedly.
Just under a month ago they moved him to QE where he was closer to Mum and home. There. I'm sorry to say they mistreated him, leaving him naked in his own faeces. Not feeding him properly, or not taking the time to feed him. He caught pneumonia and diarrhea.
He was moved back to QM this week and I went to see him for the first time in quite a shameful while.
I was shocked tbh. I was expecting poorlyness but he has completely lost the plot. He didn't know who we were. Just sitting in a chair, mumbling and nursing a ragdoll that he'd found from somewhere.
Sad. Sad. Sad. A shadow of the strong vibrant man I knew, even six months ago.
He is being moved to pallative care tomorrow and that means days, or weeks.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Went to see The Hobbit part two. Still lusting over Legolas, despite him being totally wooden and a shit actor. Two Orlando Blooms for my money acting terribly. It was better than I feared, although I can't fall for them the way I did with LOTR and Harry Potter, the way A Song of Ice and Fire is currently obsessing me (books, not the Game of Thrones series).
Rather odd elf/elf/dwarf love triangle going on which was totally unnecessary really. Still. It was ok in its own way.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So after making a total tit of myself and thinking the worst. It turns out to be a cyst.
Relief all round.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Went out drinking armed with only a cheeky packet of monster munch at 10am.
I got wankered. Someone asked how Mother was and then the whole sorry drama came spilling out. How rejected I feel. How hurt that she doesn't even want me at the doctors and wants TMWMinW instead.
How stupidly it makes me so sad the different way she treats him to Dad. How I am already prepared for the worst come Monday.
I cried to several people and ruined their nights. No one wants to be the one looking after the weeping drunk girl at parties.
AND at the end of it, I walked home alone and barefoot from Greeny at 1am and wasn't even drunk.
Up at 6.20 am to get to work boo.
Ho hum. Tomorrow is another day and They will be back.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Mother goes for her test on Monday. I am so not ready to do this again. Feeling rather down and miserable about it all tonight. Long, tiring day at work. Good though. In the midst of a 12 day stint. Going for cocktails tomorrow with them and then drinks with the nmm crew Friday before going to do a BLS weekend course.
I feel like getting smashed out of my face.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

4 reasons why this might be the nicest Sunday ever.

1. Jumped (with some persuasion) my first 70cm jump. Yes it was messy and untidy but wheeee!
2. Mint matchmaker Mcflurry.
3. Hull beating Liverpool
4. I do love a good roast dinner.