Thursday, May 28, 2009

i applied for a job at a zoology museum, only two days a week maternity cover. And the bastards, still havent got back to me, despite demanding my personal statement three times as it failed to send.
So either

A - my personal statement convinced them that i'm not good enough despite my other qualifications meant that they NEEDED to see it, (and if they were that bad, then why ask for it in the first place?)

or B - They decided that i'm not even capable of looking after and talking about dead animals.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

So last night I threatened to rip Welshy's housemates live-in girlfriends face off. But to be fair. She threatened to harm our baby tortoise. And She's a horrid, mentally ill, overly paranoid witch, so i dont think I was entirely unjustified in doing so. I mean I didnt really say anything beforehand that a normal working human being wouldnt have laughed off, so she shouldnt have gone mental at me first. Although I was ready to kick her head in, what kinda silly bitch threatens to "mark my face" anyway?!
I cant stand fakes. And she is so fake it drives me crazy.

Meanwhile in other news CL announced that she's 10 weeks pregnant. So Hurrah for her I guess! Another sign that we're all growing older and I shall determinedly ignore the little voices that tell me I should be going and doing all these grown up things, like having a real job, or moving out, or the boring engaged-married-kids route. (Yuck)

Oh and on Tuesday after my Uncle attempted to Poison my Granddad, by ignoring the doctors and Mother who TOLD him that he wasnt allowed to give him alcohol! He then proceeded to take him out, get him drunk, and then call mum and have her deal with taking him to the hospital as "he'd done his bit and now had to go to work."
So Considering it was my Mum's 25th wedding anniversary and she was already emotionally fraught. That was a good move on his part.

And in her rage she broke the porch door, we now have a six inch wide plank of wood, attached to the hinges which are still in the door frame.

On Friday Welshy took me to see The Woman in Black, which is my favourite ghost story, it was good, not as scary as the book, and yet I jumped even though I knew what was coming, and had my heart banging in my chest at the scary bits. It was set out really cutely too, with only two actors, and a wicker chest being a train, a horse and cart and a desk amongst others! Very School Production like!

A rather busy, manic old week!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus!!!

Surely the best crap movie ever?! I cant WAIT to see it in all its shit graphics glory!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Dear Charbs.

Thions to remember.

Trying tyo rape a pubs expensive and flimsily fastened statue of Nelson whilsht screaming "you've ruined mty life you wonky -eyed cunt" does not go down well in polite society.

Neither does jokes about date rape or necrophilia.

At least, make sure your audeience finds if funny too.

three. Hungry Charbs go "om nom nom whilse eating noodles"

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I have a door! and Hot water! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I have had neither for a while, well a bathroom door for a year, just a curtain! and no hot water for a month, but now its all fixed!
And last night I went to see WElshy play cricket with his little team that he organised. He'll tell you it was a shite match, but it was ok, even if they did lose by about 50 runs and he got 48 N.O. which is good for a bowler!
I was annoyed by the fakeness of his housemates GF, who was bored throughout the match and then got out her knittting, but claimed she enjoyed the game and was starting to understand it. She made no attempt when I offered to explain the rules to her to look interested. Why would you pretend like that? Silly Girly. I'd have told him straight up and then saved myself from future hours of boredom!

And Welshys taking me to see Woman in Black. Which is THE shit-scariest book i've ever read in my life. I love being scared! I'm so looking forward to it! and at 11 quid a ticket, you cant complain!

Friday, May 01, 2009

ergh. I swear i have the most moronic person in Welshy. How can someone so good at maths be so shite with money?

He owes me close to a grand, well maybe 900 pounds, admittedly most of this is for the tortoise and his course and our holiday but still...

He's just got a loan off of his Dad, is paying off god knows how much council tax, possibly some phone bill that mounted up to a horrid level and is possibly still in debt to his two housemates.

So how can he think that borrowing a sum of money from a friend to "invest in the stock market" be a good idea?!

Honestly he has shit for brains and yet he still manages to go out every weekend, and alright he gets drunk as cheaply as possible but if he sat at home, he'd save 12 quid or so a week, which soon mounts up.
He shows no inclination to actually look day in day out as I do for a better job and is happy to doss about being lazy and sponging off of other people.

I honestly think I should be in charge of his finances and give him pocket money. and he certainly aint gonna get any more money from me, till he pays me back.