Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The lecture yesterday wasn't so bad really, i like John Cassella, he's a funny little man and Karim always gives the impression to me that he really can't be bothered to be there as much as we do and we're distracting him from his shagging crickets.
The bad side to having mammalian reproduction is we have to do a poster presentation and a seminar or some dire sounding form of the topic, but on the plus side we get to go on a trip to the zoo!
I took the twins to see LOTR3, they loved it, exhausted me, walking into uni and town then back to our house and then to the cinema (all up hill), we worked it out as having travelled 8 miles on our own feet that day. Phew, no wonder i'm exhausted!
Today i've already been for a driving lesson, now, i'm gonna have some dinner and head off into uni to get some journal articles for my lecture notes to pad them out a bit, might even look for the textbook, it really all depends on whether or not i wanna pay £20 for it, might look on Amazon see if i can get it any cheaper.
Oh well, better stop arsing about and get down to it.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

So today is our last day of freedom before Lectures start again, its our last day of watching crappy horror movies till stupid O' Clock, its the last day of dossing around, not getting out of bed till 11AM. Its also our last day before Compulsive Liar gets back to the UK and back here for about 3AM we're guessing. Mummy H is already fretting about being woken up by Uni Dropout Boyfriend, waking us (her) up.
Monday also means the start of my 3rd year and sadly i'm guessing this also means its time to actually sit down and W-O-R-K. I'm heading for a 3rd and i want a 2:2 if possible, this maybe a bit hopeful but i guess time will tell.
I'm dreaming of the day i finally pass my driving test and (hopefully) get a car, this will save me endless amounts of money, as i have just spent nearly £30 on train tickets to get home to football at the weekend.
I have another lesson Tuesday and i'm getting bored of them, if only i had passed my test 1st, er, 2nd, 3rd, er 4th time!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Well i'm back in Derby now, trying to re enrol, and mediate between the bitch fights between my two housemates. Compulsive Liar (CL) and Mummy H.
On the train i decided to keep a journal of my little adventures, just to see if anything could top last term, where i was shot, sexually harrassed, attacked by a demon tree, blew up the tumble dryer and flooded the kitchen, oh and completed yet another term of uni, (whether i passed of not is a different matter!)
I often have a long time to think on trains, its a good hour and 45 minutes waiting, either to reach St Pancras or back up to Derby
Am i a dedicated (stupid, some people say) supporter or what?