Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wee update for you all.

Start job two weeks ago, its been fine so far, a lot quieter than I'm used too, feel like i'm only doing half my job. Gonna chat with them Monday about changes I want to implement because frankly. I'm quite scared about what they can get away with being off framework and I might be a lazy cow but I like to feel like I'm earning my money.
Resenting staying there till 6.30. I guess in scheme of things its no different to the 8.30-6pm I did at Tower Bridge. Also discovered last week am expected to work a 6 day week.
Fuck That.
Seriously Fuck That.
I'm quite happy to have everything pro-rata-ed if neccessary to only do 5 days a week.
Been staying with E and her partner during week. Its ok, feel a bit in the way but I guess that'd happen whereever I statyed.
Boy has not fed any of the animals at all while I've been away. FFS I said he could do them every other day. You can get away with that during the Summer when they eat less and the water doesnt freeze overnight.
Its a 5 minute job really.
Found a possible house to move into, at top end of our budget but might let me take birds up there. Will book some time off first week of September when Welshy is home and we can make appointments and stuff.
Riding is down to Fridays and Sundays now. Two Pretty good sessions.
Crashed car today (all is fine) was attempting to pull out to turn right on busy road, edged when safe halfway across lefthand lane, was looking at right hand side judging when I could move on, quick glance left, saw white car slowing to stop. Edged forward to the safe box in the middle of the road between two Islands to see if I could move on.
SCRAPE! Goes the car, some cunt had decided that he couldn't wait for me and had tried to drive around me and was in my safe spot.
No damage to his car I think, mine is missing some paintwork on the bonnet but thats all. Was very shocked, drove terribly all the way home, will have to see if I can patch that up before Mother comes home

Mother is her usual wonderful self. Telling me that they now have a combined income of e2K out there, which is fucking loads for Spain.
Moaning how she has no money herself but yet she is diving all the time, going to the bars with him while he works most nights, they have a cleaner ffs.
I get home about 10.30 on Fridays and then spend most of my Saturdays running around doing all the errands she sends me messages for Saturday, and then trying to tidy the house a bit after the boy hasn't bothered all week.

She comes home 2nd week of September to talk about what will happen to the house, vague talks of selling it, giving us some money each for a deposit, vague talks of seeing if she can access all of Dad's pension at once and giving us some of it for a deposit, using the rest to do up the house and then look for someone to rent it.
Would be nice if that could happen! Won't hold my breath!!