Thursday, September 30, 2010

They're making another Pirates of the Caribbean movie!
Filming if at work and in the building next door, today I watched a Jack Sparrow Stunt double jump out a window.
They need extras.
Did I put my name down for it?
What do you think?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my version of tomorrow is clearly different from other peoples!
Finally got my new phone up and running after a few days on hold to different people arguing as to why it wasnt working when they promised it would be.
Plus there's been the excitements of a new job at the museum - a senior - not quite management - not quite supervisor - type role.
Basically doing all the shit i do now, but for 3.5k a year more. This kinda news makes Charbs a happy bunny as I am so poor and I need money for things, fun things like travelling and riding and football.
Of course - ahem - I will be saving a large percentage of this for potentially going back to uni.
Thats still looking pretty doubtful as they've all upped the ante this year and where as I could have blagged my way in with a D and a maths equivelancy, they're now not taking it.
The uni that I want to go to however, is offering a maths module on the HND course as good enough, I did a module on my HND that combined Maths, English and IT so I have my fingers crossed that somehow this will be good enough!
Dont hold your breath, I plan on being disappointed!

So let me tell you now about our house disappointments.
The place that we had lined up, had been sublet the year before, 24 chinamen had fitted somehow into a 3 bed flat, the council found out about it after we had passed the reference check, after we had all our deposits taken....
So its taken nearly three weeks to get our moneys back and it was so much that until we got it back, that we could afford to apply again and house hunt.
Only now Welshy's all sold on the TEFL thing he's badgering me to do it now, but i'm so unsure cos of applying for uni, cos of this new job thingy. I need to hang on here till Xmas at least to find out if I can go to uni or not and he's right, we shouldnt tie ourselves down to a flat if my application goes tits up like it probably will and stop ourselves from adventuring!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I met a lady this morning walking to work.
She approached me rather excitedly.
"I saw you! You were attacked on Wednesday!"
"Erm yeah..."
I was already feeling nervous, I had to walk past Blackheath Bluecoats this morning which, is a rather Black school and for the first time I eyed them up, worrying that they might come for me. Irrational. I felt kinda sick walking down the same path thinking... this is where it happened...
"I was behind you! Walking my dog! I saw him hold you and you were screaming! Dirty Little Bastard! Did he hurt you? Did he get anything?"
I showed her my finger, I've been showing everyone the cut on my finger from where he dug his fingers in.
"Dirty Little Bastard! You did well though! I saw you! You were really going for him, you were squirming and kicking and everything and then I saw you chase him into the bushes and I tried to cut him off but when I only saw him leave I was afraid you were hurt so I looked for you and couldnt find you so ran home to call the police!"

I felt so better hearing her say that I'd done well in fighting him, it had all been so quick and the worst thing (well apart from the actual crime and the woman who had done nothing to help) had been the thought that I had given up too easily, that I had been a sissy girly, a pathetic victim.
She was keen to reassure me though.
"No! There's no way I could have done that, you were really going at him, he'll think twice before trying it out on you again!".
Once was enough.....

Anyway, new phone is on order, and I walked that way home, I wanted to go alone, as I was feeling nervous, a kinda getting back on the horse feeling I guess.
But a friend made up a phoney excuse about having to walk that way anyway and I was glad.

Shorty.. Am not sure pepper spray is even legal in the UK, anyway there's no way I could have got it out of my bag to use with him pinning my arms down.
Time to move onwards and upwards.
Be prepared tomorrow for the reason for almost regular updates and news of a potential new job!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I got mugged yesterday! Mugged! I cant fucking believe it.
I'd left work and the park and was walking alongside the heath, on the route that I've covered thousands of times. Many a time with my phone out, skipping along, singing.
Yesterday I was distracted answering a text from Welshy. There was no one lurking outside the park, then halfway down the road, some guy grabbed me about the waist pinning my arms down and screaming that I should give him my phone.
At first I thought it was one of my friends playing a joke, but I instantly realised after that, it wasnt.
I fought him, I wriggled and tried to headbutt him. I screamed for help. There was a lady with a pushchair perhaps 100 yards ahead,
and similar. She was watching me! She never tried to help. I hope your baby dies in the night. You whore.
I kicked backwards. I caught him on the shin, not a good kick cos his legs were astride, but enough to make him yelp and he dug his fingers into me.
Ripping the skin open on one, making me bleed (shame its not enough to get it done for assault as well.)
I yelped then and automatically let go, I regret that now. Not putting up enough of a fight, letting go.
He grabbed my phone and ran into the bushes, down whats called the Dip and up again. I chased him, still screaming at him.
Then I fell over going up the hill and lost him.

I found a lovely man walking two huskey dogs and he called the police for me. They came and they had stopped every black youth, nearby, even getting them off of the bus and we drove past slowly, but I never got a clear look at his face. So a pointless act.
I know he was black, African, he was my height and weight more or less and probably 16-18.
Dressed in black.
Where on Earth did he spring from? The road was empty. Where does this kinda thing enter your mindset. I have to walk that way home on Friday. I am nervous now, I hope I see him again. I will kick the living shit into him. But I am nervous too.
Everybody has been sympathetic and tell me I shouldnt have fought him, shouldnt have chased him into the dense bushes of the dip where you dont find people. But I am angry, I am angry that no one, especially the watching lady didnt help (She came by when I was with the man and asked me if I was ok and if there was anything she could do to help.) Yeah. You could have come when I was screaming at you.
I am angry that I couldnt fight him better, that I panicked like a stupid girl, that he made me bleed, that I CRIED when the police came. and I'm angry he's made me feel nervous walking along one of my favourite routes.
I could have understood somehow if it had been pitch black in the park. I could have understood if I was in the dip itself, but for it to be broad daylight, a row of nice, posh apartments on oneside, a road on the other. How could no one have come and how could this have happened?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've had a fab weekend! I went up to Stoke on Friday to fulfil a long-held dream (ok, denied uni trip) to visit Waterworld, which is one of the big water parks in the UK, me and STF talked about going there a long time in Derby but it never quite worked out.
Then we headed across to Birmingham to see his friend and then Saturday and Sunday was a whirlwind! We caught up and went for tea with the Lizard and her bf, we met up with STF, A, Booker, JN and MV, only R was missing from my motley crew of boys!
Drank in Our Beloved Friary, in town, then left them in a shit club, and we went to what had been D&E. Only D&E is now Syn and instead of playing fab cheesy music. It was awful new stuff. Very disappointed.
But we were in at 1am eating a yummy pizza (and oh! it was so nice to not be squashed in a single bed as we have been lately!)
Then Sunday we met TP, TJ and H. and then H2 before catching the late train home. And I can't believe that rent for a 3 bed house is half of what a 1 bed flat is here!
I'd love to be up there again, perhaps not in Derby, but closer to my friends.
Welshy is pushing for us to go to a TEFL course. I really wanna do it, but I'm not sure its a good time, I wanna get applying for uni, and we've half commited ourselves to living with two guys should we find a place. I just feel bad messing them about.
We'll see....

Friday, September 10, 2010

So we're back in London for what two weeks?
And lets see, Granddad has checked himself into hospital. Yeah. Seems HE's suffering from dementia too now and his is going at a lot faster rate than Nan.
They've all decided to move Uncle J in to look after him, despite all the aggro he caused last time.
I wonder how long it'll be before he gets moved into Perrygrove alongside Nan, or how long before John walks out on him again and leaves them, foodless, and medicineless, like the last time he was supposed to be caring for them.
Or how long till he moves his new girlfriend in.

J is suffering from some kinda mental illness. He has attacked Mother, attacked his own daughter and tried to get his wife arrested. He was forced to retire from the police force and got a job as a school caretaker. Then he pinned one of the children up against the wall and was made to leave.

Mother thinks it comes from some sorta post-traumatic thing, years ago when I was like 13/14? He was working as part of the Transport police and was chasing some random, he chased him over the bridge and got caught, in his effort to free himself, he fell off the bridge and down onto the live wire train track.
He was electrocuted, I remember visiting him in Tommy's and seeing the entry point, just under his armpit and then where the current left his body, somewhere on his leg. he just managed to roll free before the 12.34 fast train to Brighton thundered along the tracks.
The stress, and understandably so! of this incident, is what he blames for the two heart attacks he suffered a few years later and which was what finally forced him to retire from the police.

This is what Mother feels is made him the... I dont wanna say unhinged, but slightly unstable person he is. And she is deathly worried that he might snap again onto Granddad.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Oops. Today is my normal rostered day off of work, only I went to play at Go Ape on Tuesday and I must have swapped my day off around cos I got a rather confused phone call at 12 asking me why I wasnt in work.
I was really confused too but I guess I must have swapped it over, will check when I get in tomorrow.
I'm going to Derby. I cant wait. I spoke to Booker for the first time in nearly two years quickly on FB chat tonight. Now i'm hit with a wave of nostalga.
I shall take Welshy with me. We plan to go to Stoke on the Friday and visit Waterworld and then either head to Brum to see his pal or we'll go to Derby, its my weekend off so I just need to work out Friday. No messing it up like I did today!
Mother is home and dropped a bombshell that she's BROUGHT a flat out in Lanzarote that she plans to have rented out for half the year and keep for our own use the rest of the time.
Its sounds so POSH! I remember when I was younger, worrying about how my parents would afford to pay the rent and have us evicted.
Then we brought my home now and that seemed so incredible to me and even more so when the Life Insurance paid it off and now we have TWO homes! One abroad!
We put in our paperwork for New Flat and hopefully we'll be able to move soon, 10 days to a fortnight, Welshy confidently predicts me, we'll see.
I'm gonna be living all multicultural, I assured Welshy, not only am I going to be living with a Welshman, I shall be taking up residence with a Saffa and a Kiwi.
Two guys. I dont know the Saffa all that well and Welshy knows the Kiwi better than me, but he seems a lovely sweet thing and I like him.
So its gotta be better than the horrible atmosphere last year.