Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why are parents so good at making you feel guilty?

Since May, Mother has been on and on about going away during the summer hols, I've been putting her off, but since E has bottled on travelling again, I've sorta become resigned to it.
Anyway, she wanted to go to Lanzarote, a place I've been before and she's been many, many times and believe me, it gets its nickname Lanza-grotty for a good reason!
I hate it, its boring, full of nasty ex-pats determined to set up London-by-the-sea and its hot. Christ is it hot. I can't bear to be out in anything higher than 15 degrees for long and its 30+ over there.
And me and Welshy are half-heartedly looking for somewhere to live together, so its 500 quid, money I dont really have and a waste of my leave to go to somewhere I dont really like. Anyway, last Tuesday she guilted me into going.
"I'm all on my own, all my friends have their own families and I'm alone in the world! Alone, neglected, unloved, unappreciated." etc.
So I said I'd look into getting some leave which I did so on Monday.
Only problem is, I've gotten all the week off apart from the Thurs, she wanted to fly out for, there aint flights on Fridays or Weekends.
So I've asked a few people, tried to get a swap, but we're short-staffed so its no good.
So now she's running about sobbing and stropping about:
"You did this on purpose! You could have asked last week" Yeah, like i'm REALLY gonna be able to chase our leave guy to his Tent where he was camping in order to get time off.
"I've ruined her summer holidays, she's now unable to go anywhere. And its all YOUR fault. Everyone else gets to go places and she can't. She was so looking forward to it, now she has nothing to do all summer."
And shit on toast how i'm hearing about it.
Over and Over and Over
Everything she can find to shout at me she does, opening a window, not being able to eat the tea she's cooked as its far to hot for a full roast, for falling asleep.

Sometimes I really just want to scream at her and make her see all that I do for her, the years I've wasted, how I've put aside my own happiness for her, how I bend over backwards for her, how I have to put her first when both her and Welshy make claims on my time. When the Brat couldnt even be bothered to drive down to sainsburys to get shopping, when she was ill in hospital, how I worked, spent all my free time visiting her, or looking after the house and him, struggling down to the shops on the bus with bags and bags of shopping while he stormed about moodily, and she lay sick in bed.

But there's no point in that. And now i've 5 wasted leave days, unless she gets outta her strop and decides to drag me off to some other shithole.

To Stop this being a completly self-pitying post.
Hurrah for Welshy who despite his own obvious boredom took me to see a Horseball tournament on Saturday and then let me watch Hickstead all afternoon!

Horseball - Rugby on Horseback (I SO wanna go!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Honestly it seems like its just a never ending list here of drama and things never going right.
We'll start with what seems like the littlest of the two.
Meant to be a delivery today of worktops for mothers kitchen extension, now two years into the project and going strong.
Anyway, was told on the phone that the delivery would be by half 9, which would leave me late for work, but I could still do my relief shift as that starts at 10.30. Anyway 10am, still not arrived so I'm panicking trying to get hold of work, ringing constantly and not getting anywere.
Finally get hold of someone at 10.25 which is the EXACT time the lorry pulls up. Turns out that the worktops weigh about 100kgs and the chances of me and the driver unloading them alone are Zero.
So its a wasted journey for him, I get to work at 11 after racing for a bus and I come home to find Mother sobbing cos "everyone she asks for help with the house lets her down and how can she get the builder round when the worktops aint here"
Anyway when I calm her down we move onto Drama 2.

Drama 2 consists of someone who has posed as Mother (Mother has put all of My nan's accounts into a joint account to prevent her taking it out and losing it)
And this pretend Mother Person has taken TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS out of my Nan's account and into an internet account. My Nan is so addled she cant even remember her phone number and they don't own a computer.
So who's done it? And how can the bank let them do it with out any authorisation from Mother?
Anyway Mother only found out about this by Nan waving a statement at her and demanding to know where her money was.
I dont know how we're going to get the money back, or even how its got there, although we have our suspicions. Other money (smaller amounts, perhaps only 50 or a 100 quid) have gone missing previously and my Granddads Work tools.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Apparently using the words "spastic scrotumheads" to describe a moron gang of 14 year olds is frowned apon by my boss. Even if she then has to resort to calling the Park Police (who helpfully failed to arrive) in order to deal with the little shits.
Well I guess you learn new things every day.

E and I have been thinking since April about travelling, either to Peru or Botswana for at least three weeks, we both agreed to save all our leave and try and book something for their winter (our summer - less heat!)
She's proved very evasive ever since at pinning down a date, and now has hit me with the news that she's booked other leave and only wants to go away for a week or two at the most. Its really annoyed me, as I've been putting off going away with Mum and Welshy so I can have all my leave for this and she told me to save my leave up and now its probably too late to book for this summer as we'd need 6 weeks of injections and shit like that.
Grrr. I'm especially annoyed as the company we were going to go away with, have a 25% sale on at the moment. Sigh.
She also told me about how we should go away to The Lake District to this place where we can ride proper Shire Heavy Horse types, and now she's buggered off with another friend without me.
I dunno maybe I've upset her in some unknown way and thats why she's messing me about a bit and not wanting to hang out.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

today it was so hot i fried a piece of bacon on one of the metal structures at work.