Saturday, July 04, 2015

I really get quite tired of talking about money on this.
Welshy paid me 44 quid or rather agreed to pay my share of the council tax in return for me doing some work for him so Wheee! I thought, this will be an extra 44 I can then put towards clearing the Housing Benefit. So I paid off the last 150 quid, knowing this would make the rest of the month a struggle.
That was Tuesday. I signed up for my competition - more on that later, and have been living on a strict budget ever since, buying food from the discounted section at Asda (other supermarkets are available).
Then Friday puppy got a seed lodged under her eyelid, a rush to the vets, 130 quid later and she's fine although rather grumpily agreeing to have antibiotics twice a day.
So while we wait for the insurance to pay out Welshy covered the bill, and I ended up paying his council tax as well as mine to balance out the cost.
Oh and Boy still owes me 51 pounds for his share.
We got a letter this week taking us to court AGAIN for non payment of the council tax - I paid early last month cos of being away on holiday and missing the due date, boy couldn't/didn't want to pay then as he got paid a week later, so agreed to pay his share then.
Apparently he forgot, so we got a 7 day reminder notice. He told me it was done, later. No more mentioned until this letter comes for non-payment. 44 pounds has turned into 90 pounds, he claims he did it - won't give me the reference letter.
Mothership went into fits of self pitying again - saying if only we'd let her move TMWMinW's son in, I don't want a stranger in the house, Boy is incapable of flushing the loo or even aiming correctly, I do all his plate washing for him and tidying cos otherwise I'd be eating off of paper plates - and yes I did this a few summers back so I know he won't do it, just leave it around to get mouldy and flies everywhere.
How could you move a stranger into that? And how does that solve anything? He grabbed me by the throat for goodness sakes a few months back when I asked for the money he owed me. All moving a stranger in would do, is just reduce the amount of money he owes people. Mother is convinced he is on drink/drugs and we should make allowances, so yeah. once again I'm the baddie for daring to suggest that she throws him out.

More money problems - I need to get the car brakes/tires sorted before it gets MOT-ed next month. I can't do anything about that, because of the above, because I'm also waiting for the flight insurance to get back to me about my delayed flight.

Mother is moaning to me about how if I don't get it done it invalidates the insurance if it fails the MOT, maybe if she wasn't insisting I drive to Wandsworth tomorrow to drop off some package I'd have spare time to investigate this, maybe if I had some spare money I could do this!

Onwards and upwards.
Did my competition. She got rather over excited, little bunny hop rears which makes me nervous, forgot the course, was rather tense, still got 61%, not bad, last one I did was 62% so would have beaten that bar my error on course.
Jumped fine, I look awful in the photos, she got rather excited and jumped around shouting "wheeee!" each time, I pointed, aimed, and tried to remember that it was impulsion not her running away. When I did forget that, we got a refusal on the 2nd part of a double fence.
Last fence was my bogey fence - the Green Parallel of Doom. I was full of adrenaline, didn't even consider her stopping or that I wasn't keen. She skidded to a halt last monent, I had no chance to regain my balance and went off over the shoulder - eliminated.

So not a good day really but in a way yes - I would have gotten a better dressage score if I could have a better memory than a goldfish, and I did my first ever showjumping course and didn't panic when it went tits up and almost finished and L V's owner is merrily talking about us doing more.

Met Shorty and Flash as well that day! Went to the NHM and Rainforest Cafe - Flash paid so no expense there bar travel! (yay!) And so nice to finally meet her after a 10 year friendship!