Monday, October 25, 2010

Transport wise, my trip to Bristol wasnt a success. I forgot the train tickets. And they basically called me a liar when I went to the ticket office, sent me on a wild goose chase and then made me buy new tickets.
The originals cost 45 quid.
The new set £111. Yikes.

The taxi booked to take us to the church from our Hotel dumped us on the outskirts of the village and made us walk the rest of the way, citing the three car "traffic jam"

But, apart from that, it was a nice little get away. Nice to have a double bed, all cosy without being shoved about by a thrashing Welshy.

Saw MH too. Size of a HORSE. Actually I've met smaller horses. Harsh.

She came up to me and started talking like it had only been a few days since we last spoke instead of two years. Like nothing was wrong. I couldnt believe it. There was not one moment when she could have taken me aside and quietly apologised. I guess that shows her lack of remorse or regret or lack of belief that she has done anything wrong.

I answered briefly where I could, ignored her for the most part and then refused to say goodbye.

Tomorrow N is coming and making me go o the Meridian Line and do other touristy things. On my day off I have to go to work? Mean! Kinda looking forward to it though.

D-day is rapidly approaching Welshy's departure. Been looking at best dates to possibly go for a weekend to see him. Its only a month (at the moment) though. So we its not the end of the world if nowt gets sorted.

Got a travel brochure for South American Adventures. I wanna go. NOW.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Good News Four:

I am to be offered an interview to become a Senior Visitor Assistant, providing me with an extra 3k a year should I get the job. Said 3k would be rather useful if all goes well in the Uni department.

Good News Five:

NB at work, offered to provide me with a reference in regards to the work I do helping him with the schools

Good News Six.

I identified correctly the right person at the ID parade. Nothing more must be spoken of this in case it goes to Court.

Good News Seven (!)

I am going to see CL tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good News One:

After initially telling me that my HND maths wasnt good enough, Goldsmiths Uni are investigating it further.

Good News Two:

I am to go to an ID parade later today in the hope that they have caught Mr Mugger, I doubt i'll be able to recognise him, but thats good too.

Good News Three:

Welshy is off to Barca in a few weeks and I am applying for unpaid leave to work in a Primary School for two weeks, one in November, one in January. If dates and times work out, I can go visit him and escape the bitter cold for a weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Welshy got accepted onto the course in Barca.

Now just to see if he'll go and then what happens with me...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home alone, Welshy is out at his friends. I was invited but I dont really fancy sitting there watching him play Pro Evo online or Poker.

The winter is rocking on, Charlton played so, so badly today and we lost 4-0. I cant see us scrambling out of this shit-poor league we are in this season either. Which as E put it may not be a bad thing, at least it means we wont end up heart-broken again after failing to make the playoff final like last year.

Welshy has a telephone interview on Monday to go do a TEFL course in Barcelona. His friend has already been accepted on it. I want to do it too, but not yet. I have to wait and see about this Primary School teaching lark first. Only once I get my rejection in December can I then play.

If he gets through, he will be out there at least a month. I want adventure too. Not to Spain though. I went to Barcalona once. We went on a tour of the football ground, walked down Las Ramblas and I learnt how to order Macdonalds in Spanish.

He only wants to TEFL it up in Europe. Pah to that I cry! Lets go far, far, far away! Lets go to South America! Specifically Costa Rica. Everything I read about it sounds amazing. The wildlife. Beaches. Rainforest. I can sing endlessly "Do You Know The Way to San Jose?"
Plus if you're going to do these things, lets go do it properly!

I worry that Welshy will not come back if he is accepted. Welshy does not want to live in the UK. He scorns the things I love about England.
I love the mental weather, I love knowing the animals and plants that I pass on the way, I love football. I love the history.

I want very much to spend a year abroad having an adventure and then I want to come home.
I dont know if Welshy will want to. I do not know if he will come back or stay out there once he has done his course. I cannot make any crazy decisions until I know whether I am accepted into uni or not. I have also gone for a promotion at work. I would earn more money for which to save for uni if I can get the job and stay at the museum in the meantime.


The best thing, I feel for me to do, is to stay here. If I am accepted, to earn as much as I can at the Museum before I start uni in September. If it all goes tits up and I cannot get into uni, as I suspect I will not, then I can go.
I have no fear that if he goes out and stays out, it will be a downer on our relationship. I just dont want him to go and have adventures without me! But he's too impatient! Grrrr!!!!!! Naughty Welshy!

I am off next weekend to visit CL and see her baby get Christened. MH will be there. I kinda fear seeing her and how I will react. Whether she will say anything. Its been two years since we fell out and I spelled out in no uncertain terms how I felt about her behaviour. She is now 7 months pregnant with her "sperm donor" baby. I am a grown-up (unfortunately) However much I would like to push her down a flight of stairs I shall be on my bestest behaviour!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Whee! They've announced London 2012 ticket prices! Now just to wait till next March before I can buy.....

I can't wait. I am that saddo who is there at 2am watching the synchronised swimming finals. I couldnt even NAME a move involved in it, but when the Olympics rocks up, there I am nodding wisely and pretending I know the name for a lot of different types of splashing.

I registered for tickets ages ago! For Archery, Athletics and of course Equestrianism.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not much is rocking out lately.
Gone for a promotion at work to a new post. Frankly I cant see why they need this post, its an almagamation of severol roles that I and many others do already. But its an extra 3k a year. Its causing all sorts of debate at work, better than us normally bitching about how bad the place is and taking gossip away from the forthcoming departure of the Nelson Uniform, which is all people come to see as the new wing-building has destroyed many other galleries and other shit had to be taken away for its own conservation.
So what else?
CL is getting her baby christened at the end of the month so I'll be trotting off to Bristol for that, with Welshy in tow. Poor guy hates churches and all that kinda nonsense, but I fear seeing MH there, and the company will be good.
E has decided to become a lesbian. Nothing wrong with that, but I dunno. I'm not sure its what she wants deep down. I kinda think maybe its a reaction to what happened to her in the past. The incident that was so painful and of which I cannot even speak of on here.
She admits its the less scary option and is very confused by it all herself. I guess I just hang about and see what happens and support her and if it is the way forward for her at least. Well it doesn't matter does it? We're not living in the 1800's anymore!

Friday, October 01, 2010

I went out for a friends leaving drinks tonight.
She recently came out and has herself a girlfriend. Its really cute to see her finally happy and shit. Even if she is a bit sickening. I dont really care to hear how much you love her. Come and play with me.

There was another guy out with us, a mutual friend who works in the security department. I dont like him, I find him creepy.
He pops up in my gallery and never really says much, is hard to get into a chat with. But he seems to think we're good friends and always wants hugs. I dont like it, he makes my stomach feel ill for no reason I can really describe. He's not too bad looking I guess, he's fairly clean and yet.... He gives me the creeps.

I've had male friends now for longer than I care to remember, and them occasionally trying to push it dont bother me, pinching my butt, the occasional grope of the tit hidden as part of a wrestling match. Thats par for the course, I flirt back with them and its all fun and games.
One of my best friends at the museum, a guy named TDR made it very clear that if Welshy wasnt on the scene, that he would make a move, and a couple of times when we've gone drinking just the two of us, he's forcibliy made the effort to only kiss me on the cheek goodnight, a few near misses, but he respects the fact that I love Welshy and I respect the fact that he wouldnt make a move as long as I'm with him. That's all good. I have no problem hanging out alone with him, he doesnt make me uncomfortable in any way and he is my friend.
This guy. I dunno. The hugs, the stroking of my arm. It makes me uncomfortable and I've never fooled about with him like I do my other friends. I keep a distance.
Today my friend has got a job working as airport security. So she was playing at pretending to pat me down. All good fun so far.
Then he tried to have a go and I shied away like a frightened horse. Saying goodnight and there was one hug that lingered for longer than needed and I dont know why he tried to grab my legs on the way out when I said goodnight to another male friend.
I dont think there's anything TOO wrong with him, he is like it with everyone seemingly. But him just being about me, makes me feel ill and I try to avoid being around him.
I wonder why it is, that makes me feel so funny about him?