Monday, November 27, 2006

Honestly! Cricket has totally prevented me from posting, since, erm, the day Play began.

Its reducing me to staying up till 4am, repeatedly emailing SKYSPORTS in the vain hope of getting an email read out, and watching our inability to bowl the Aussies out and score a decent set of runs.
Bring on Monty for the next test!
I totally blame Dad for this cricket lark, when I was in school, the Ashes test was on and he'd have it on when I'd get home and we'd watch it, I vaguely remember watching Andy Caddick go mental and score about a hundred in 10 balls or something stupid when he got the hump at being put in last and Darren Gough, I will confess to having a strange fondness for the bowler!

Saturday was The Big Boss Lady's 40th's so we all went to party, me E, E's little nephew and her sister P all did karaoke to Ernie the fastest milkman in the west!
And I like to think I impressed with my attempt at Russian Dancing, and line dancing, and my Strictly Come Dancing routine with E, where we successfully introduced breakdancing to the world of ball room dancing!
Seeing The Big Boss Lady's feller, do The Full Monty is a sight that I shall be revisiting in my nightmares I fear for years to come yet.

And today I have a big Boo reserved for the Driver of the 178 bus, it starts at Sainsburys, goes round the corner to the 2nd stop which is where I get on.
So he stopped, let someone off and I prepared to get on, and he tried to shut the door, I have no wish to be sliced into by the door so I stepped backwards off of the step and he drove off!

The twat! No one else had the chance to get on or anything.

So he, rather than the English Cricket team get my Boo of the day!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I finally have plane tickets to New Zealand!!!

It kinda cost me a small fortune, like over a thousand pounds of a small fortune, just for flights. Still I'm hoping it'll be worth it.
So! My schedule is now as follows:

28/1/07 Depart London at 3.10pm
Arrive in LA at 7.10pm
Depart L.A at 8.30pm
30/1/07 Arrive in Auckland at 6.00am

So its like time travelling! I'm going forward in time and somehow missing out on a day!

and then when I return I shall be doing the following:

12/3/07 2.20pm Depart Auckland.
8.45pm Land in Hong Kong.
11.25pm Leave Hong Kong.
04.50am Arrive in London

It all sounds real now!!! Yeah! Cant wait!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Not sure I like this "minimalist" look.

I'm definately of the opinion more colour is better but I might leave it a while before I attempt to fiddle again!
Having a broken Blogger is not conductive to a happy Charbs.

I really am pissed with it now. I tried Red Squirrel and Adem's suggestions.

anyone else?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Did you miss me?
My God Scotland is cold! We were up in the Highlands for three days and I just kept watching the snow advance down the mountains.
Which was a bit of a bollocker cos all the touristy things were closed, but we did get to feed reindeer (I'll put some pictures up in the post under this!)
And we went on some nice walks around a Loch with a castle on a island in the middle and to a Highland Wildlife park with deer and wolves and bison and stuff and super rare Prezwalki ponies, which have not altered, or evolved since the Stone Age and there's about 20 of them left in the wild.
And I also went to Edinburgh one day, which excited me, and I shall tell you the story of my previous trip there.
*starts flashback*
I was looking for universities see, and had gone to look at a course on Freshwater and Marine Biology, and me and the Mothership travelled up overnight on the Coach, which was a bad night in itself, surrounded as we were by other farting, snoring travellers.
Anyhoo! We got into Edinburgh, which is a gorgeously gothic city about 7am and we pulled up outside a Macdonalds near the City's main Shopping street.
So we hopped in there for Breakfast, now my uni open day started at 10am, so we had lots of time to kill, we'd each dressed up in stupid unsuitable shoes for a day out and had Twenty pound between us until 9pm when the Coach returned to take us home.
So at 10am we got to the Uni, and by 20 past 11, we were done, so we had many, many hours to kill, and little money, especially once we'd brought cheap trainers to rest our poor aching feet!
So we spent a great deal of that day, looking up and down the streets, walking up the hill to the castle, having no money to go in, and returning to our Base Camp of Macdonalds, where we'd buy milkshakes, read the free papers and then go out again, only to return an hour or so later
We ate in there, made use of their loo's drank, rested and chatted, its probably one of my favourite memories of hanging out with Mum.
*End flashback*

And while I was getting excited about seeing my Macdonalds again (TP and TJ laughed at me when I wanted to take a picture of it again!)
They took me to Mary Kings Close, an underground street from the 1600's and I met GreyFriars Bobby! (Which, if you dont know the story, is a little scruffy terrier, who after his owner died, returned to sleep on his grave every night for the next decade!
So it was an ace trip, apart from the cold and I went to see TP and TJ work on the farm, demonstrating how their sheepdog Skye goes herding the sheep, which is so cool, and met her puppies, which had been born early in the year.

Me and Greyfriars Bobby's Statue!

Bobby's grave, apparently some batty people put flowers on it every day.

but funnily enough not on his owners! The smaller gravestone belongs to the Church Sexton, who apparently "was a good friend to Bobby"

my reindeer buddy!

Very handsome Red Deer Stag!

No trip to the Highlands is complete without seeing a Highland Cow!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Blogger is still hating me.
I didnt get to pick a Fish of The Week cos I had to be in my shop instead so boo to that.
I got March of the Penguins on DVD, its utterly awesome.
And it made me think of this clip, which I found on Utube

Anyway, I am off to Bonnie Scotland to spend a week with TP and TJ, which will be awesome as it was ages since I was up there last, but there will be no internet access for that week.
Anyway! Have a good one all!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I dunno whats going on with my blog, but unlike Red Squirrels Accusations its nothing at all to do with me!

I went riding today! and took some pictures of some of my horsey friends to show you all.

This is Molly, she's my baby. If I had the money I'd buy her, she's like a neurotic mess, if she was human she'd be on uppers and downers and going to see her therapist every day.
She was really pleased to see me and gave me a huge hug.

(Literally - she puts her head over your shoulder and gives you a shove to move forward and hug her, while she grooms your back with her lip)

Jimmy is in disgrace at the moment. As a full stallion he's very bolshy and not to be messed with by people who dont know what they're doing.
About a month ago he was tied up in the yard and a woman was leading her horse past and Jimmy flipped and tried to attack the other horse, she put her hand up to protect herself and try and push Jimmy away and he bit her thumb clean off.

This little guy is Captain, he came to the stables about 10 years ago now, on Boxing day, for Christmas one year some kids were given a bow and arrow set for xmas, they decided to use Captain as target practise and he lost an eye and was half blinded in the other from the attack.
Despite being little, like all shetlands he's got great character and bosses everyone else about and gets us all doing his bidding!

I also befriended a fox!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Get in!

Friday, November 03, 2006

So I promised a suitably halloweeny Fish Of The Week and so I present....

This guy.

He's a redtooth or Vampire Triggerfish, so called cos he has these little red fangs. I love how these fish names are so original!

I love this picture too cos of the way he's just chilling out on the rocks. There was another one lying horizontally but he ran away when I went back for my phone.
They have these long frondy tails and are a deep velvetty blue colour and skid about the tanks like a maniac bat.
Trigger fish are pretty awesome, you cant really see it on this pic but they have this little lump in front of their dorsal fin which is their concealed trigger, when they're stressed or feel threatened they shoot this trigger or spine up and make themselves look bigger and more aggressive or if they're really spooked they dive into little holes for protection, pop up their trigger and wedge themselves firmly into the rocks so they cant be pulled out.

He also has a buddy, a Picasso Triggerfish, which we call Pablo (funny that!)

You can just make out his concealed trigger there, just in front of his fin.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I went to the Tate Modern Gallery today. Not to look at arty farty things, oh no, my sole reason for going was these!

They were great and free and who can refuse a slide? Welshy thought he could but once I we got there he was just as excited.

The first two were piddly ones going down a floor and they gradually built up to the biggest one that descended from 5 floors. They were really steep and fast with all these awesome twists and turns.
I love slides!